India ridicules UN resolution on Kashmir which tells India to let Kashmiri people decide whether they want to live with India or not through plebiscite. Since then India has been working on two main strategies. First is to disregard the UN resolution and make the world do the same. Though the governments of major world powers did their best in helping India, the sane voices around the world and even in India itself have been giving India continuous failures since the very start. The cunning Indian establishment had quickly realized this, so they worked on a second strategy in parallel. It was the reduction of Kashmiri population and increasing the pro-Indian establishment population, thus shifting the demographics in favor of Indian occupation in case of a plebiscite, in case if some day the Indian government is forced to hold one. For this purpose, the Indian government backed Indian armed forces have been committing worst Human Rights violations since decades with rapes, murders, fake encounters, blackmail, mass graves and horrific religious suppression being few types. The worst part is that all this has been done at state level. Only now have Indian government officials confessed about the presence of “Hindu Terrorism” on Indian soil and it being supported by elements of Indian state.

However, this important confession unfortunately seems to change nothing for the poor Kashmiri because the international community and especially the UN and American government turn a blind eye as they have been doing since decades. With more than 100 separatist movements in today’s India because of this State terrorism throughout the country, Kashmiris appear to be the most near to get their right since not only proofs, confessions at government level and UN resolutions are in their favor but brutality and atrocities by Indian forces have pushed them once again to protest and raise their voices.