Hairat hai ke Ta'LeeM o Tarbiyat mein hai peechay,Jiss Qaum ka Aghaaz he IQRA se hua tha !

Hairat hai ke Ta’LeeM o Tarbiyat mein hai peechay,
Jiss Qaum ka Aghaaz he IQRA se hua tha !

This senseless thinking has been purposefully spread among Muslims. Those who have some knowledge about the Dajjali/Freemasonic powers, know that one of their goals that helps Dajjal is making people(especially Muslims!) think that all religions are equal and they lead towards another much more superior religion and this superior religion(na-a’oozu-bi(A)llah)  is Humanity. They want people to look beyond religions sent by Allah(especially Islam) and follow only Humanity. Thus this “One religion” will be a platform where people including Muslims would have left a strong foundation of Islam and fallen for something baseless, deceitful and extremely deceptive. After all, the word Dajjal relates to the word “DAJL” meaning “Deception”. Therefore, though there’s no doubt that concept of equality of Human beings sounds good(Islam also talks about it), actually it is something else in disguise especially when brought by Freeasonry/Illuminati/Dajjali powers. Thus we see them chanting slogans of “One World Government” ,  “New World Order” etc. People who have idiotic thinking like finding shapes in clouds and if it matches something religious then calling it miracle are easy preys because when their belief is established over such things, they can be led astray very easily by showing similar miracles for other religions.In this way, they can make you follow the line of thinking that supports the superior religion of Humanity and so, the one world religion establishing the “One World Government” and “New World Order”.

Some brothers might still argue that why can’t they really be Allah’s miracles? The answer lies in the study of Islam’s history, especially the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW(PBUH) and then assessing the Ummah of today, the Muslim of today, understanding the difference and also matching the miracles. One simple thing that can help with this can be a Hadith meaning that Allah’s miracles would fade away with time and in the end times there will be almost none. Not to forget that one effective tactic of Dajjal would be that he will have enough powers to show MIRACLES that will be so big that he will claim to be God(na-a’oozu-bi(A)llah) on their basis and people will be convinced.

I think this would suffice for the end :

اس طرح کی ذہنیت جان بوجھ کر مسلمانوں میں پھیلائی گئی ہے۔

اس طرح کی ذہنیت جان بوجھ کر مسلمانوں میں پھیلائی گئی ہے۔