A Muslim rickshaw driver was transporting cow meat in his vehicle when he was attacked by Hindu terrorist goons. Firstly he was told to throw away all his meat with his own hands in gutter water. The poor man was so afraid of the terrorists that he threw away all his meat as told without any resistance. Then he was told to burn his own rickshaw with his own hands which must have been another painful act for him keeping in view his poor condition. After that, he was forced into the gutter water and told to chant Hindu religious slogan “Jai Sri Raam” 11 times while simultaneously diving in the dirty water.

The poor man could not dare to resist to this too and did it as the terrorists hurled abuses at him, his family & his religion. It is pertinent to mention that all this happened in broad day light and was just one incident which was video-recorded and got leaked. These incidents are part of daily life of almost every nook & corner of India, except the few Muslim faces in Bollywood & Indian establishment who are nothing but puppets & are used to hide the real Hindu Brahmin extremist face of India. The way these terrorist goons did everything fearlessly clearly shows that such Hindu extremist groups like RSS, Bajrang Dal etc are supported by the Indian state through its institutions which themselves are heavily biased & discriminating. In the famous Samjhota Express burning incident in which hundreds of innocents Muslims died, Indian defense personnel (including a Colonel Purohit) were found guilty.

While the poor man was dipping his head, the terrorists not only made him say abusive things about his religion but also the national anthem of India “Vanday matram”.

NOTE: Any info mentioned in above report/analysis can be confirmed easily. You can ask any person who knows Urdu or Hindi (unbiased person for the latter since they’ll be Indians themselves) about the translation to confirm yourself.

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